Horizon School of Ministry/Evangelism

(John 15:5) –“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

(John 13:35) – “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

INTRO: Each of these courses will run approximately 5-7 weeks. There will be homework and reading to do every week. This is set up so any person with a family, with a full time Job or with time to kill can grow and be equipped to serve in the body of Christ.

WHO: These classes are not meant to just be another bible study night of the week?  These classes are designed for those who have sensed a genuine call upon their lives to serve the Lord in some capacity in the body of Christ.  This is meant to be a HANDS ON and Classroom experience for those desiring to be equipped for whatever that specific call may be.  Our great goal is to encourage you in what God is already doing in your life.

VISION: The Vision of the School is to take one more opportunity to draw closer in an abiding relationship with Jesus resulting in much, lasting fruit in our lives. One of our greatest desires here at Horizon is to Disciple believers in Jesus. Many people say they would like to serve as leaders but lack the equipping to do it. Our goal is to equip you the best we can for ministry in the home, church, City, Country and into the entire world. God is not looking for great people but available people. Are you available? The Overall purpose is to equip, encourage and enable you to move from chair sitter to being an active participant in the great commission by the power of His Holy Spirit.

COST: The only cost required is for the books, and if someone can’t provide for them we can prayerfully work that out. The use of a MP3 player or iPod would be helpful as well.


Course Requirements

1) You may take one class at a time, in any order, but keep in mind that the classes are in a specific order for a reason.

2) You MUST be serving in some capacity on Sundays and Wed service.

3) Class is held once a week, over a 5-7-week session individual students cannot miss more than 1 class per session.

4) Morality – The purpose of these classes is to grow in character, not to simply grow in head knowledge.  We expect that the student’s moral character will be in line with Biblical morality.


SURVEY COURSE (Old and New Testament Bible Survey with Chuck Smith)

BOOK (Bible, Mp3player)  – (Time requirement approximately one year)

-This is probably the most significant class you will take.  Since the Word is our foundation for practice and faith nothing would be more valuable than taking a survey through the entire Bible.  There are approximately 300 plus survey teachings so if you listen 1-2 a day you will have completed the whole survey in one year.  The purpose of this is to give you a good foundation in the big picture of Scripture, and to let God wash you in the water of His Word; all the while renewing your mind with the truth of His Word.  Because “whatever a man sows, that he will also reap,” this will become life transforming to “he who has an ear to hear”.  Along with this you will answer questions from each teaching and take a small page of notes.  When you are complete you will have your very own Bible commentary!


The greater purpose of these classes is to practice ministry.  Ministry is not simply learned in a class room, but as Jesus did walking with His disciples in ministry for 3 & 1/2 years on earth.  Within 2 class periods each participant MUST be seeking the Lord on an area of service during Sunday and Wed night service.  The prayerful goal in this is that through some trial and error you might come to discover your special place and calling in the body by the direction of the Holy Spirit before the classes are completed.

COURSE 1 (ROMANS 1-8) – The Gospel Foundation

BOOK – (The Normal Christian Life)(The Bible)

-This course will focus on what it is that Christ has done for us through the Gospel of grace. In the book of Romans Paul lays out the most systematic argument for the Gospel In the scriptures. Through this course we should come to a Solid foundation of what the gospel is and how though it we can live the Normal Christian life according to God’s grace with complete reliance upon the person of Jesus. As William Newel said concerning the book of Romans – “To preach devotion first and blessing second, is to reverse God’s order, and preach law and no grace.”

COURSE 2 (Spiritual Gifts, Calling and Ministries)

BOOK- (Living Water)(The Bible)

-This course will focus on the work of the Holy Spirit from a Scriptural standpoint, and on the work of the Holy Spirit through the body. The purpose in this course is that through much practical use and prayer the Lord will help us to see our gifts and calling appointed by God and not man within the body of Christ so that we can effectively use those gifts and callings God ordained within the body of Christ. If you have always wondered where you fit in the body, than this is a time to seek the Lord, His word and find out what He is calling us to be within the body of Christ.

COURSE 3 (Inductive Bible Study)

BOOK – (www.blueletterbible.org)(Handouts from IBS)(BIBLE OF COURSE)

-This course will focus on the study of the Word. Many people have often wondered how to effectively study the Bible. This is one of the most exciting classes to me as we learn to study the Word allowing the Holy Spirit to be our teacher and allowing the Word to be the best commentary on the Word. We will learn how to accurately and with edification study the Word in our own personal study time, to teach group studies and prepare a sermon without the use of many commentaries. I have found many people would love to teach others the Word, but just need some direction on how to prepare a study. When we are done with this course, within a short time by the work of the Holy Spirit you will be able to prepare a Bible study in the middle of Asia or prepare a short message for our children’s Sunday school class. We are called to this (2Timothy 2:15) “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”



-Now that we know what to do with people that are won when they are saved, let’s get some tools and encouragement to win them. Many of us would like to be effective, consistent witnesses to the people around us so this course will equip you with some tools to share an effective accurate gospel message with people. We are commanded to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every Creature.”(Mk 16:15). As leaders in the body of Christ we are no doubt called to “. . .Do the work of an evangelist . . .”(2Timothy 4:5).

COURSE 5 (Biblical Counseling) (DISCIPLE)


-There is a lot of counsel out in the world now days but there is no wonder there is so little success. Jesus is the Wonderful, Counselor. In this class we will talk about the difference about worldly counsel Vs. Biblical Counsel. We will look at the sufficiency of God’s word to Counsel. We will look at how to practically apply that to our own lives and others. We will be looking to have some guest speakers during this class to share their years of experience.


BOOK – Bible (www.blueletterbible.com)

In this class we will come to a better understanding of the days we live in, and where we are headed. There is only one book in the Bible with a Promised blessing, so in this class we will seek to overview the book of Revelation while putting the other prophecies in the Bible in their proper place. (Revelation 1:3) – “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.” We will look at the Time of the Gentiles, Church age, 1st half of the Tribulation, 2nd half of the Tribulation, Kingdom age, and heaven.”

COMPLETION: – Everyone who completes all courses in any order will receive a certificate of completion but more importantly will hopefully be equipped for Gods call on your own life and ultimately have drawn closer to Jesus. 


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